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L’Amuravela is a camping site located in the walled-off enclosures of an old ‘indianos’ mansion looking over the village of Cudillero, one of the most picturesque fisher towns of the Asturian coast.




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Bar / Café

The camping has got a bar / café with reading room, games, an outdoor terrace, and a small supermarket.



The bar / café area has got free wireless internet access.

Showers & Bathrooms


Modern showers which allow us to collect their used water and reuse it in the toilets in our effort to reduce water consumption.

Playground for children

Laundry area with washing machines, dryers, and areas for ironing. 

Multi-function court

The camping has got in its premises a multi-function court, good for football, basketball, and volleyball.

Padel Court

Recently installed Padel Court







Asturias has got one of the richest, most beautiful and diverse landscapes in Spain, make sure you don’t miss out on them. We’re happy to recommend some great hiking routes around the area.

Cudillero is considered as one of Spain’s most beautiful fishing villages for its unique geography and its colourful city centre.
Horseback riding outings


Outings in nearby areas by horse which lead you to beautiful, tourist-free beaches, where you’ll be surrounded by towering, breathtaking cliffs.


Kayaking is a much practised sport in our region, and it will allow you to explore and to absorb the landscapes even better through the Nalón and Narcea rivers.


These single-day trips will allow you to get to know Asturias more in depth.[


Some of our guests' reviews

"This camping has it all...We had a great stay at this camping. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Located near the village of Cudillero, and near a few beaches."



Tourism campings are, and have been a  touristic modality which is based on offering the possibility of practising an outdoor lifestyle.

Our interest in the quality and satisfaction of our guests has made us take some decisions when designing the camping in order to reduce the environmental footprint. We understand that these decisions will have an impact, not only with our environment, but also at a local, social, and economical impact.

For these reasons, our environmental management systems encourages the inclusion of more efficient methods, avoiding waste spills and emissions; reducing waste, and facilitating recycling.


From the designing of the camping, to staff training, we have adopted the following measures regarding our reduction of environmental footprint:


  • Utilization of biodegradable products

  • Property-wide usage of low-consumption light bulbs.

  • Installation of timed-taps in the restrooms

While there are many other smaller actions such as the mentioned above that reduce our footprint, the most notable which are:

  • A water management system which allows us to capture grey water (water from sinks and showers), process it, clean it, and re-use it in the toilet tanks across the camping site.

  • Thermal solar panels for the heating of the shower and sink utilisation, and more recently,

  • The installation of a geothermal system which allows the usage of subterranean water to generate hot water.

These last measures are part of a long term commitment of reducing, and eventually phasing out the total usage of any fossil fuel.

Tel: +34 985 590 995 


Calle Tolombreo de Arriba, s/n, 33150 Cudillero, Asturias

GPS Coordinates 

Latitude 43°33'17.3"N 

Longitude 6°08'40.2"W



Vítores, s.l. b33215757. Tolombreo de Arriba, s/n, 33150 Cudillero, Asturias

Registro Oviedo, tomo 911, folio 191 y hoja registral 4366.



Tel: +34 985 59 09 95

E-mail: camping@lamuravela.com


Tolombreo de Arriba, s/n, 33150 Cudillero, Asturias

Coordenadas GPS 

Latitud        43°33'17.3"N 

Longitud     6°08'40.2"W

Información sobre la empresa

Vítores, s.l. b33215757.

Registro Oviedo, tomo 911, folio 191 y hoja registral 4366.

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