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Asturias is for many a paradise for road cycling. Discover the best routes from our campsite by clicking on "See more".

Cape Busto

Route that runs through the councils of Cudillero and Valdés to visit Cabo Busto, an imposing balcony over the Cantabrian Sea located near Luarca.

90KM      +1.370M

Cabo busto foto 1

Sea and mountains by Brañaseca

Route that runs along the coast of the Cudillero council, to then go inland and crown Brañaseca, one of the highest points in our council.

63KM      +1.600M


Peña de los Vientos

Route that goes into the mountains of the council to crown the Peña de los Vientos, one of the highest mountains in the council, which also has an important Cowboy legacy.

41KM      +1.100M

Brañaseca foto 3
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