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Discover the best mountain bike routes in our surroundings. Click on "See more" to access detailed information and downloadable tracks.

Cabo Vidio Express

Route that runs along the paths of the coast with the aim of visiting Cabo Vidio, one of the most impressive places on the Asturian coast.

37KM      +900M

Cabo vidio foto 2

Around Santa Catalina and Monte Agudo

Route that surrounds Santa Catalina and Monte Agudo, from where we can contemplate the lower Nalón basin with its green pastures and plantations.

30KM      +870M


Sierra de los Vientos by LLan de Cubel

Route that attacks the Sierra de los Vientos to ascend the Llan de Cubel, one of the highest peaks in our council.

31KM      +920M

Llan de cubel foto 2

Coastal route from Cabo Vidio to Novellana

Route that brings us closer to Cabo Vidio to, from there, follow the coastal path to Playa del Silencio, in Castañeras.

48KM      +1.200M

Cabo vidio foto 1
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