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Cudillero noche

Cudillero is a lovely village located in Western Asturias. This stunning fishing villa is located between green cliffs in a particularly beautiful area of the Asturian coast by the Cantabric sea. The fishermen built their colourful houses up the cliff on top of one another, making for a really picturesque sight. Cudillero has two ports: an old and a new one, where you can find the colourful boats that make up Cudillero's small fishing fleet. The villagers speak Spanish as well as their own dialect, Pixueto, which is a variation of Asturian. Both Asturian and Pixueto are still spoken but only in small circles.


We recommend our clients to walk by foot as we are just 1km away from the village. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes as there is a 90m downward slope. The most recommendable route follows our street, Calle Tolombredo de Arriba, all the way to the right from the campsite's gate. In approximately 700m you will find a steep curve where you will come across a small walking path diverting from it. This path will take you down into the village, making for a really beautiful view of the La Marina main square and the sea from above.

Panoramica Cudillero desde La Garita
Mirador Cimadevilla


One of the best ways to get to know Cudillero is the Lookouts Route.  It's made up by a series of viewpoints spread through the village, where you can snap the best shots of Cudillero. Here is a map of the route (pag. 2)

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